May 14, 2018

Grounded Roasterie

One evening, Carl Cherry and Maury McCown had the crazy idea to try their hand at roasting some coffee beans with an air popcorn popper while their wives looked on, wondering what in the world they were doing.

That fun evening ignited their desire to control as much of the coffee experience as possible, so they traded-in their faithful popcorn popper for a legitimate roaster, began sourcing raw beans to roast on their own, and started the journey to perfect the craft of small-batch coffee roasting.

They love getting to make and drink their own coffee — and they're confident you'll love it, too.

And as if enjoying their delicious coffee wasn’t awesome enough, Grounded Roasterie also gives a portion of their sales to Threaded Leaf Project.

You can purchase Grounded Roasterie coffee online at