May 14, 2018

Created for Hope

In 2012, Erika woke up after being on life support for more than 12 hours and began a journey that would have her fall in love with Jesus in a radical "Saul to Paul" transformation.

In 2014, Maury woke up in a Cambodian hospital after being unconscious for 14 hours from a devastating motorcycle accident that should have ended his life.

God saw fit to rescue them both from death, and He brought them new life. Their stories of His mercy and grace gave them a connection with one another that was truly God-inspired.

Renewal. Newness. Second chances.

Since the beginning of their relationship, God has been drawing Erika and Maury closer to Him, closer to one another, and drawing them into new opportunities for ministry. Their relationship is a divine alignment for a divine assignment, and that divine assignment is letting their life as husband and wife bring glory to God, and glory to His Kingdom.

Erika began sending out a week-day encouragement email to a handful of co-workers on May 31, 2013, and that handful of people grew to hundreds of people. When Maury and Erika got married on May 9, 2015, Maury took over the photography and graphic work.

Their desire is to know Christ and make Him known, so they decided to go beyond the original email list with the Created for Hope website, Instagram, Facebook, and selling scripture related items on Etsy.

All proceeds from Created For Hope help fund their mission trips to Cambodia with Threaded Leaf Project.